Why Automated Index Management is like pen and paper

06 Jun 2022 15960 views 0 minutes to read Contributors

pen & paper

Some things just work better together

Some things, such as pens and paper, naturally complement each other.  One doesn’t replace the other; they simply work better together.

We’re confident many DBAs will come to say the same about our new Automated Index Management (AiM) tool. Some customers have said they don’t want to replace the scripts, tools and server maintenance plans they’re currently using. That’s understandable, which is why we designed and developed AiM not to replace but to complement them.

AiM gives you 360 degrees Index Management

Many of the database scripts DBAs are currently using to manage indexes are excellent. And, we’re not recommending you discard anything that’s working well for you. However, when you use AiM in addition to your current tools, you’ll see several important benefits.

Firstly, AiM finds and disables unused, missing or duplicate indexes in your database.  Your current database tools won’t be doing that. You still need those tools, but using AiM alongside them will ensure your database isn’t overloaded with indexes you no longer need.

Most database tools are designed to micro-manage a specific aspect of your database environment.  AiM takes a wider, more holistic view. It helps you understand issues such as what is missing, what can we do better and how can we speed things up. It works with your existing scripts to give a 360◦ view of your entire index management system.

AiM complements your existing tools to significantly improve database performance

Some of our customers are already piloting AiM alongside their existing index management scripts. They have reported a 20-30% boost to their overall database performance.  More significantly, we have discovered that, by deleting just a couple of particularly problematic and unnecessary indexes, AiM can boost performance by as much as 80-90%.

This is exactly how we recommend using AiM; as an addition to your current tools, rather than as a replacement. And, it’s very easy to do because AiM is zero footprint. You simply download it and it runs straight ‘out of the box’ with no need to install or delete any other programs.

If you’d like to see how AiM works with your current maintenance tools, you can download a free trail. You’ll find they work together as well as pens with paper.

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