Reintroducing SQLTreeo Automated index Management tool with fresh updates

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As a software company that always adheres to the philosophy of continuous improvement, SQLTreeo proudly introduce our Automated index Management (AiM) tool today to better serve our community. Now you can automate your indexes with some major updates!

Update highlights


Simplified User Interface

SQLTreeo put an emphasis on improving user experience, the AiM now is therefore designed in such a way that minimizes the manual inputs and time required for setting up and automating your indexes management tasks. Furthermore, an overview of the application and the help option are now added with reference to clearly presented document pages. First time users should be confident to adopt AiM as guidance has been provided sufficiently with 24/7 support from SQLTreeo team.

Better overview of all indexes advice

It was made easier for users to gain an insight into how indexes can be optimized to maximize your database performance. 95% of our users who have adopted AIM as their primary index manager are not relying on scripts/procedures/jobs anymore and they are highly satisfied with AiM’s performance.

More storage options

SQLTreeo AiM now can work with JSON, SQL Server and SQLite. Sharing profile with other servers is made easy to boost collaboration and efficiency for your database environment. In a few clicks, you can adopt new servers by exporting your profile configuration to various formats and import the files elsewhere.

Better reporting function

We understand that even though your business strives for automation, a high level of control over database environment is still heavily required. Reporting is thus a newly added function for even better optimization of indexes. Reporting queries are made even faster so that users save more time in gaining a greater insight into your database environments and index. Now you can have a complete control and flexibility without having to depend on a technical expert!

Still striving for continuous improvements

SQLTreeo AiM was made with:

Knowledge sharing

The updates were made based on the feedback of our large user community. We appreciate informal and formal knowledge sharing and pilot licenses were given to attract fresh ideas and bring in additional expertise as needed. SQLTreeo development team considers users as collaborative partners and works hard to understand their pain points.

Transformational results

We keep collaboration, empowerment and safety on top of our mind when developing the tool. AiM is now live with approved customer satisfaction as users no longer have to rely on their tedious index management procedures. AiM works with your existing scripts to give a 360◦ view of your entire index management system that none of the other tools in the market can do.


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