SQLTreeo launches their unique, automated Index Management Tool

21 May 2020 33296 views 0 minutes to read Contributors

Managing your indexes 100% automated!

Managing Indexes is a big job for DBAs. And, it never stops. As your database grows, it can be an on-going grind.Not anymore! SQLTreeo’s Automated Index Management (AiM) tool does it all for you.

AiM works behind the scenes, 24-hours a day, streamlining and updating your Index Management environment. It automatically creates optimized indexes and removes incorrect, or no longer needed, indexes. That’s a huge time saver: no need to determine which indexes are needed, simply schedule the tool.

Users notice big improvements in database performance. Queries and reports are faster. And, the user friendly interface allows you to customize AiM to any scenario.

You don’t need to be a technical expert. If you can work with Windows, you can work with AiM. It really is that easy to optimize and stay in control of your Index Management.

Download your free trial here 

In short the benefits of AiM

  • - Improved database performance
  • - Faster queries and reports
  • - Huge time saver for DBAs
  • - Flexibility and control
  • - User-friendly
  • - Indexes are created and optimized
  • - Boosts productivity and employee experience


About SQLTreeo

Since 1998, SQLTreeo has been providing solutions for SQL Databases through its in-house developed tools and managed services for their clients in the daily use of their database environment. They have worked from government departments and healthcare providers, to financial services and energy companies. SQLTreeo’s vision is to maintain its reputation as a top-10 database solutions provider. Our highly skilled developers and Database Administrators (DBAs) support our customers’ daily needs from offices in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia. We are continually finding innovative ways to help businesses grow and be more sustainable

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