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SQLTreeo's Automated Index Management tool is available per 03-04-2021 in the DBA Suite as a new module. to download the module select the download action in the AIM module to start.
Once the download and initial setup is ready the module will change to a Green colour indicating the application is ready for use.'

More information on how to download modules using the DBA Suite can be found in the DBASuite User Manual.



To setup AIM the following items are required.

  • Configured SQL Server instance..
  • SQL Server Account (Windows/SQL).
  • Account with (elevated) permissions {depending on the configuration}
  • Registered account at 
  • SQLTreeo DBA Suite

 Installation steps

1.      Extract the file.

2.     Specify the file path you want to extract to.

3.     Login with your registered SQLTreeo account.

4.    Hover on the AiM module and press the download icon.

5.     Press on the module window to launch the application.

6.     Navigate to Help/License key in the top menu.

7.     Select “Add license”.

8.    Enter  your license key.

9.     Press OK and wait for confirmation.

10.  The AiM application is ready for use.

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