Folders disappear after a refresh

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This article does not apply on version when using the DatabaseStorage and FileStorage option.
When using tempDB storage option it will create the objects in the extended properties of the TempDB

To create folders in the object tree SQLTreeo Add-in makes use of stored procedures to store the information in the user-defined database(s) or the  Tempdb database for dynamic folders when the database storage option is active.

The user or login accessing the SQL Server instance requires several priveleges to create the folders, the user needs access to the database and permission to make use of the Stored procedure sys.sp_addextendedproperty.

When the SQLTreeo SSMS Add-in is installed (Trial period) the following script can be run against the SQL Server instance to verify if the user/login has the required permissions/priveleges to create any folders.

Result after executing batch 1 or batch 2


Results returned after executing batch 3 shows successful

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