Structural maintenance

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24/7/365 Database monitoring

This service is everything you need to keep your databases running smoothly. Our proactive approach gives you a clear overview, daily analysis and health check of your databases. With 24/7/365 monitoring, you’ll have alerts to prevent incidents and performance data to help identify improvements.


With potentially dangerous threats to your database or high priority issues, our alerting system sends automatic e-mail notifications. You will also receive a weekly incidents’ overview.

The Alerting Protocol is part of our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Health checks

Our Health Check status report highlights the most important server issues to address each day, to keep your database up and running.


Monitoring and maintaining databases is an ongoing task. Trend-analysis checks alert our database administrators to the performance issues they need to solve or improve.

Proactive maintenance

With proactive optimization we can act in advance to eliminate or reduce the severity of database incidents and issues. Regular analysis also identifies hazardous peaks or abnormal trends and allows us to make significant performance improvements.

Long running queries

Better maintenance can prevent over 90% of database issues, including problems with slow running reports, batch processes, applications and websites. If you experience any of these common database problems, we can identify the critical and relevant performance indicators and boost your database optimization.


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