Structural maintenance


24/7/365 Monitoring

Database Monitoring gives you a clear overview of your databases. It is a great way to prevent incidents. Furthermore, database monitoring is needed for proper analysis and daily health checks. It gathers counters and statuaes 24x7x365 and helps you with alert dispatching and performance graphs.

This service gives you all you need to keep your databases running smoothly. Our proactive approach and preventive maintenance activities will prevent your database from unwanted incidents.


In case of a high priority issue, our alerting system sends automatic e-mail notifications in order to let you know about dangerous situations. You will receive a weekly incidents overview.

The Alerting Protocol is a part of our SLA.


The health and availability of your databases in status reports. Health checks show the most important server topics every day. These checks are essential to keep your database up and running.


Keep in mind that a database itself is not capable to achieve the same results or level of improvement as our Senior database administrators.

Monitoring and maintaining the performance is an ongoing task. Trend analysis checks alert us when the performance is changing. When performance must be improved, Senior database administrators take over.


Like all of our services, our proactive approach is eliminating the amount and severity of incidents and issues. Also, you can benefit from our analyses which are determining hazardous peaks or abnormal trends via our alerting mechanism.

Our proactive maintenance allows you to act in advance. After our proactive optimization activities you will notice significant improvements.

Long running queries

Slow running reports, batch processes, applications, websites... Do you also recognize this problem?

Based on our experience, more than 90% of all cases would be prevented by better maintenance of your database.

We identify the most crucial and relevant database performance indicators which leads to database optimization.


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