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SSMS Addin

Monitoring illustration

Dynamic folders in your
Management Studio

  • Dynamic folders shared automatically with other SQLTreeo team members
  • Place your databases, tables, views, jobs etc. into meaningfull categories
  • Compare objects in 1 click
  • Quickly generate INSERT scripts from your data
  • Scripting database objects
  • Table & database properties

Monitoring remote agent

Monitoring illustration

Cloud based
Remote monitoring software

  • Replication monitoring
  • Availability groups monitoring
  • Job & Backup monitoring
  • Phone app
  • Fine grained security settings
  • Unlimited users
  • Work as a team
  • Monitor multiple database networks


Healthcheck illustration

Is your SQL Environment Healthy?
Find out with a healthcheck

  • Instant result
  • Tips how to improve
  • Database health check
  • SQL Server health check
  • Backup health check
  • Find the problems in your database that need immediate attention!

SQL server desired state configuration

SSDSC illustration

Having troubles keeping your SQL Estate under control?
Not anymore with SSDSC

  • Create your desired configuration(s)
  • Evaluate SQL Servers to see if they match with the desired state
  • Enforce
  • Maintain standards across your estate