Check your SQL Server’s health and identify potential risk factors

Our comprehensive Health Checks are the database equivalent of a check-up with an experienced and specialist doctor. Our experts have seen – and solved – the problems you’re experiencing multiple times already. We will give you a detailed, best practice analysis of your SQL environment and flag potential issues before they cause problems or business disruption.

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Initial checks:

  • Immediately show your SQL Server’s health status
  • Identify ways to improve your system’s performance and stability
  • Provide you with specific reports and a clear overview
  • Make no changes to your environment.
healthcheck initial checks

Risk assessment

  • Easy to execute
  • Gives a comprehensive view of your database health
  • Focuses on potential problems.
Risk assessment

Detailed overview

  • Server and database configuration
  • Backup configuration
  • Security checks
  • Continuity checks
  • Health risks
Detailed overview

Fix your problems

  • Directs you where to look and how to act
  • Shows you how to improve database stability and continuity
  • Makes no changes to your system.
healthcheck fix your problems

Pricing plans

Choose the one that suits your needs the most. You will have
the option to change it anytime.


  • 1 Server
  • Performance Improvements Checks
  • Maintenance Jobs Health Checks
  • Backup Checks
  • Unlimited Health Checks
  • Including All Future Updates
  • Support
per year*


  • 10 Servers
  • Standard License Features
  • +Replication Checks
  • +High Availability Checks
  • Support
per year*


  • Unlimited Servers
  • Business License Features
  • +Priority support
per year*

* Also available in Monthly plans. Use our Quote system to create your own flexible pricing plan.
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