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Managed Services
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Experts in SQL Server monitoring, optimizing
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Audits & Healthchecks

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We're ready to perform any request you have for us

Monitoring Packages

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We offer various 24x7 monitoring packages


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Want to gain more knowledge? Take a look at our upcoming possibilities.


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Our solutions are practical and effective, always following elementary principles



We create long-term outputs and provide permanent solutions to our clients


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Besides our monitoring reports we also build any other type on top of your database contents.

Hire an extra team member

Get to know SQLTreeo’s virtual DBA’s, top-level senior professionals ready to solve
your daily tasks.
Virtual DBA

We also have great products

Fantastic solutions for databases

SSMS Addin

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Dynamic folders in your
Management Studio


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Monitoring High Availability, Replication, Jobs and Backups

Virtual DBA

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Extra team member, high-level professional, Task-based


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Is your SQL Environment Healthy?
Find out with a HealthCheck

Sql Server Desired State Configuration

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Having troubles keeping your SQL Estate under control?
Not anymore with SSDSC


Why choose us?

We are extremely enthusiast, very passionate and highly experienced. That makes a big difference.


Our mission

SQLTreeo's mission is to put their knowledge and experience into solutions that are important to you. Our database solutions show our enthusiasm and professionalism, easy to use and ready to work for you.

Satisfied customers

  • Unilever
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • InterPay
  • Shell
  • Equens
  • Conimex
  • Koningaap
  • Reddion
  • KPN
  • Getronics
  • Conduent
  • Syntegra
  • Campai
  • telserv
  • STMR
  • rabobank
  • opta
  • mineco
  • london
  • lloyds
  • kvk
  • justitie
  • hypotheker
  • hosting-nl
  • cendris


Based on my experience, SQLTreeo is very passionate about satisfying their customer’s needs. Always great output, solid solutions and quick responds by SQLTreeo when needed.
Maurits Hafkenscheid
Manager Operations & Development - TelServ
Optimizing and maintaining our databases was a daunting task for us. We did not have the proper knowledge and were unable to provide 24/7 support for our customers. SQLTreeo was able to reduce our processing time by 50% and is proactively supporting (monitoring) our systems so there is little to no business impact. Thanks to SQLTreeo we are in control of our Microsoft SQL servers.
Bart Delpeut
System Administrator at KPN
SQLTreeo is our virtual teammate that never sleeps and continuously monitors the performance of our SQL production environment. They provide us with tailor-made SQL solutions that meet our exact demands.
Martijn Reuzenaar
Application Manager - VoIP & Communication Technologies
Our production MS SQL standard edition databases with billions of records became to large to handle which resulted in performance degradation and long DR times. In SQLTreeo we've found a partner able to find a cost effective solution to keep our databases small in an automated and cost effective way. We will surely make use of the expertise of SQLTreeo for our future projects.
Richard Beute

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