Automated Index Management

Ensure your indexes are always up to date

SQLTreeo’s Automated Index Management (AiM) tool boosts productivity and employee experience by automating 100% of your database indexes.

Start to boost your performance by 360 degrees Index Management.

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Automated Index Management
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Customer benefits

AiM works behind the scenes 24/7, monitoring and optimising your Index Management environment. This constant care helps ensure high performance, everyday.

AiM streamlines your database environment by:

  • Creating and optimizing indexes following extensive calculations
  • Automatically removing incorrect, no longer used or forgotten indexes
  • Dynamically altering indexes in line with every change made to the database.
AiM ensures your indexes are always up to date.

With AiM:

  • DBAs can deliver high speed queries and reports in DML and DDL
  • There are no long locks or timeouts while waiting for slow reports
  • Users and developers enjoy a consistently high speed database environment.

With AiM, DBAs no longer need to analyze optimum performance or determine which indexes are needed. They simply schedule the tool. AiM runs 24/7, checking, analyzing, optimizing and feeding back information.

AiM takes all these manual tasks away from DBAs. It even emails a report detailing this activity. This gives DBAs better insight into database use.

DBAs can customize AiM to meet their own needs. They stay in control and make the key decisions. For example, do you want to schedule AiM to automate or just analyze? It’s up to you.

AiM is easy to download and use. You don’t need to be an experienced DBA. The interface is exceptionally intuitive and user friendly.

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How is AiM doing?

We have analyzed 30900 databases and 3231400 indexes so far.


SQLTreeo AiM is a solution that has brought exactly what it promised: More efficient use of our database environment, a clearly visible improvement in database performance and our DBAs are automatically supported with their tasks in index management. We are very satisfied with SQLTreeo AiM and how the collaboration with SQLTreeo has been during the pilot and the final roll-out of the tool within Cendris.
Freek Weijtens
Director ICT
Since we started using SQLTreeo AiM, the performance gains on our database environment have noticeably improved, reports are available faster, making or disabeling indexes is easier and index management is now optimally set up with a few clicks. Our DBAs are supported 24x7 by SQLTreeo AiM and can make the right choices based on analyzes or we choose to have it run fully automatically, so that no time is lost.
James Tans
Manager IT Conduent

Pricing plans

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  • 1 SQL Server
  • Unlimited Databases
  • No Setup Needed
  • Fully Automated
per year*


  • 6 SQL Servers
  • Unlimited Databases
  • No Setup Needed
  • Fully Automated
per year*


  • 100 SQL Servers
  • Unlimited Databases
  • No Setup Needed
  • Fully Automated
  • +Priority Support
per year*

* Also available in Monthly plans. Use our Quote system to create your own flexible pricing plan.
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