Help! My DBA’s going on holiday

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Help! My DBA's going on holiday

It’s official. Holidays are good for us. And, that applies to business leaders as well as employees.

The research shows we return to work feeling happier, less stressed and with more energy.  This year that rest and recovery is more important than ever. All departments have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, but especially the IT and database managers responsible for organizing the massive switch to home working.

Now, you have to navigate a range of home/office/hybrid working options, alongside juggling resources while staff take annual leave. You definitely deserve a holiday. To make it a relaxing one, check out these tips for maintaining your database environment before you head to the beach, mountains or spa.

Help! My DBA’s going on vacation

Remote working has meant an increased work load for most IT service desks over the last few months. If you’re worrying about how they’ll cope once your DBA goes on holiday as well – relax. We have a team of Virtual DBAs on hand to help.

Our VDBAs all have extensive database knowledge. Your team can feel confident about referring more complex problems to them, such as issues with tables or indexes. You can also ask them to undertake specific programming or reporting tasks. What’s more, you can hire them on a flexible hourly basis, five days a week.

Help! 2020 has been manic and I have unfinished projects

It’s an understatement to say ‘we’ve been going through a lot’ this year. It’s hardly surprising that less urgent projects, such as database reporting, have fallen through the cracks. However, robust management information is still essential for informed decision making.

The relative downtime of the summer holiday season could be the perfect opportunity to pick up those database reporting projects you haven’t had chance to do. We can help you collect and interpret marketing or product data, for example, or build reports from your factory sensor data. This is also a good time to review what could be missing from your database environment and test ways to boost your database performance, such as our Automated Index Management (AiM) tool.

Help! I need to ensure business continuity no matter what

A secure, scalable database environment is essential for every modern business. That’s why we have partnered with managed services provider, Denit. The combination of their virtual servers and storage with our SQL tools and expertise helps to ensure you have optimal database performance and an effective disaster recovery plan.  

Still feeling stressed about managing your database environment? You really do need a holiday. But call us first – we’ll help make it a relaxing one.

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