SQL Server Connection Tester

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This solution tries to connect to SQL Server.

Sometimes a simple telnet 1433 does not give you the 100% guarantee a connection to SQL Server will actually be possible. If you do not have a SQL Server management studio tool available then this one can help you out.

Making a real connection to SQL Server gives you the guarantee that you can connect.

Download SQLConnection here. The tool doesn't do anything else than make a connection. It does not perform any query.








The solution is a console application and needs no setup. You can start the application from the commandline and it starts asking for details.


You can enter any value here. A FQDN, DNS name, IP address, comma separated Portnumber.





Windows authentication y/n

Y - if you want to connect with your currently logged in Windows name

N - if you want to provide SQL Server user / password combination

SQL Loginname

sql server login




It will try to make a connection to the specified SQL Server, either with Windows authentication or SQL authentication.

Download Visual Studio C# solution

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