Installing AiM

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Automated Index Management.

SQLTreeo's Automated Index Management (AIM) works in the background scanning your SQL Server environment, analyzing index statistics, executing Index actions such as CREATE/DROP/DISABLE and maintaining them.
AIM performs complex calculations using sophisticated alghoritms based on various resources world-wide to ensure a efficient performing SQL Server environment with minimum manual effort..

AIM Setup.

AIM is a ClickOnce application and thus does not require any installation to run. AIM is part of the SQLTreeo DBA Suite and the module components can be downloaded directly from the DBA Suite interface.


Download AIM

Applications downloaded through the DBA Suite are placed in the \\DBAsuite\Applications\%ApplicationName% in the location where the DBASuite is extracted to;

To download AIM using the DBA Suite interface the following prerequisites are required:

Refer to the SQLTreeo DBASuite Manual on how to download/install a new module.

Running modes

AIM can be launched in 2 different modes, namely: 

    • Console mode(Automatic)
    • GUI mode (Manual) 

Console mode can be started using regular Command-line interface(CMD)/Powershell(PS) navigating to the directory of the SQLTreeoAIM.exe filepath and starting the application with parameters.

GUI Mode is started when logged in to the DBA Suite and selecting the AIM module, launching the application User-Interface.

Automatic mode

Open a Command line/Powershell at the directory of the SQLTreeoAim.exe, by default it is placed together with the DBA Suite (e.g.\\DBAsuite\Applications\AIM\SQLTreeoAIM.exe)

The following command changes the filepath of the command line/powershell to specified location.

Example where the DBA Suite is extracted to the C:\Program Files\Applications folder:

CD C:\Program Files\Applications\DBASuite\Applications\AIM\SQLTreeoAIM.exe.

If the DBAsuite is placed in a different disk that is not visible with CMD, switch to Powershell and try again.


To run AIM automatically it requires a profile to run on, this can be specified with parameters in the Command-line interface.
The following parameters are available:

SQLTreeoAim.exe -Run [Launches AIM in Console mode with the selected profile]
SQLTreeoAim.exe -storagetype SQLite|SQL Server|JSON
SQLTreeoAim.exe -Profile %ProfileName% [Allows to specify a profile to run]
*has to be specified in conjunction with -run)

Example of how to start AIM in automated mode with "AutomateMyIndexes!"  Profile which is stored in JSON format:

C:\Program Files\Applications\DBASuite\Applications\AIM\SQLTreeoAIM.exe -run -profile AutomateMyIndexes! -storagetype JSON

Will open a seperate Command line interface showing actions performed by AIM.

Manual mode

To configure a profile which can be used in Automatic mode it is necessary to launch the AIM user-interface and specify the values.

To launch an module that is already available (downloaded in DBA Suite) launch the SQLTreeoDBASuite.exe and login with your registered user account.

Selecting the AIM module will open the AIM User interface, follow the instructions in the first window on how to proceed with the configurations and continue with setting the variables for your profile based on your environments needs, 


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