Database Mirroring With Automatic Failover

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In the Customer interaction software (CIC) of Genesys it is possible to connect to a mirrored database that supports automatic failover. This article is not supported by Genesys and is to be used only in accordance with Genesys guidelines.

In the Additional Information textbox enter the following connection string:

SQL Server Native Client 10.0:

Driver={SQL Server Native Client 10.0};Database=I3_IC40;Server=[primary server FQDN\INSTANCE];Failover_Partner=[mirror server FQDN\INSTANCE];Trusted_Connection=No

SQL Server Native Client 11.0:

Driver={SQL Server Native Client 11.0};Database=I3_IC40;Server=[primary server FQDN\INSTANCE];Failover_Partner=[mirror server FQDN\INSTANCE];Trusted_Connection=No

Trusted_Connection can be No or Yes depending on your security guidelines.

Database can be any mirrored database. This is obligatory!

[primary server FQDN\INSTANCE] eg.: or or\instance1

[secondary server FQDN\INSTANCE] eg.: or or\instance1

After this CIC makes a connection to the [primary server FQDN\INSTANCE]. if then is detected that the database is not the principal, a connection is established to [mirror server FQDN\INSTANCE].

If during an established connection a failover occurs a re-connect is done to the server that has the principal database available and so on.

A connection timeout (default 15s) in the connectionstring can be changed to speed up the connection. Do not set it lower then 5 seconds.

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