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Create an invoice

Purpose Purchased products invoicing for finance registrations
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When an order is placed a purchase confirmation is sent to the address which is used to place the order.
For various reasons invoices are required with specific details such as a purchase order/reference number.

To make the process of invoicing with specfic details custom invoices can be created.

How to create an invoice after an order?

Website navigation

Open web-browser and navigate to

Login to your environment in the top right-corner.  

Navigate to  "Orders"  (can be done by hovering or selecting the Orders tab).

Select " Add new"  (redirects to the invoice template).

Invoice personal information

On the right side dropdown menu select "Invoice" .

For new users  select " "  and fill in the required fields.

For existing users select your account and the fields will be filled in.

Enter description.

Choose your currency.

Enter Remarks

Invoice product information

Select the article that you've ordered.

Provide a description for the article.

Enter the amount of articles ordered.

Enter country VAT/TAX rate.

Add extra line in case of multiple articles.

Invoice calculation and saving

Check the calculated amount.

Create the invoice.

"Approve"  the invoice.

Email or download the invoice directly.


Step-by-Step with images

Add new invoice
Fill in required fields
Enter order details and check the total amount
Create the invoice 
Invoice is saved
Approve the invoice to change the status in your environment
Email the invoice or download it as .PDF

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