Three ways a virtual Database Administrator (vDBA) could be just what your business needs

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How often have you felt like you need an extra pair of hands? When you’re planning a party? Maybe. When moving home? Almost certainly.

But what about in business?

Do you ever feel that an extra pair of hands would help you get through your list of database projects? Or that some specialist expertise could help you solve a particular SQL problem? When it comes to your SQL database, if you answer ‘yes’ to either of those questions, then a virtual Database Administrator (vDBA) could be the perfect solution.

Here are three ways a vDBA could be just what your organization needs:

1. You’ll get the extra help when you need it

When your database maintenance workload seems insurmountable, there’s no need to go through the time and expense of recruiting a new team member. We can have your virtual Database Administrator up and running within one hour. You can have that extra pair of hands right away.

They’ll be available to help at any time from 9am to 5pm. And, there’s no contract, lock-in or monthly subscription to pay. All we ask is that you book a minimum of 20 hours of vDBA time.

We estimate that our vDBA service works out around 70% cheaper than paying for a similar help desk service on an hourly rate. And, most importantly, your project isn’t de-railed because of lack of time or resources. We fix the database issues and you get on with running your business.

2. You’ll have a database expert on hand

All our vDBAs are senior professionals with expertise in SQL Server Development, Replication, ETL and other data-oriented fields. They’ve not only done the courses and passed the exams. They have also gained many years of relevant database work experience.

As they work across business sectors, they’re asked different questions and solve multiple problems every day. This experience builds their knowledge and fine tunes their skills in everything from server deployment and always-on systems, to performance optimization and reporting in many languages. It’s like having a chef work in different kitchens – their experience teaches them how to prepare the best meals and they learn how to make the dishes better and better each time.

3. You’ll have a trusted point of contact

You can rest assured that, even though your database administrator is working remotely, we have systems in place to ensure data security and quality control. We work in a totally transparent way and you remain in full control of your work flows at all times. Our vDBAs agree the tasks to be done in advance and provide reports on what, when and how each task is completed.

Our vDBAs are trusted to work with any company of any size and in any sector – from a small business to a major government department. They quickly become an extension of your team with the specialist knowledge to troubleshoot and solve problems quickly. There really is no easier way to manage your database.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about how our vDBAs can help you overcome any databases issues you may have.

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