Our new partnership gives you the best of both worlds

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Our new partnership gives you the best of both worlds

Data isn’t quite a ‘know-it-all’ crystal ball. But it’s as close as you’ll get to help you understand your customers, solve problems and make better business decisions. The big issue for many organizations isn’t that they don’t have the data. They do. 

Many are drowning in data. In fact, they’re so overwhelmed they can’t see what’s important and how to take action. That’s where our new business partnership with EHV can help. We asked EHV’s CEO Cas Floris, to explain how we’re now able to offer customers the best of both worlds in managed data services.  

Could you tell us a little more about EHV? 

I set up EHV following a successful career with a major American SaaS provider in the banking and finance field. The idea for EHV came when I was working with a remote software delivery center. I could see a clear demand for this knowledge and expertise in the Netherlands, but they had no local presence to market their services.

EHV was born when I combined this team of developers and engineers with a new team of project managers, CRM experts and business consultants in the Netherlands. We’re effectively the Dutch sales, marketing and customer services outlet for our remote software delivery center.  Our goal is provide customers with high quality software development and business intelligence expertise at competitive rates. 

What about your partnership with SQLTreeo – how did that come about?

I had already worked with René Schreuder, SQLTreeo’s COO, on several projects. As we got talking and compared notes, I mentioned that many of our customers had issues with poorly performing databases. It’s something so many companies complain about.

Thankfully, René and SQLTreeo had a solution. They could run database scans and healthchecks and dig deep into database problems to discover exactly what the issue was. I thought that was a service many of our customers could use.

At the same time, René recognized that many of SQLTreeo’s customers could benefit from EHV’s data insight and visualization expertise. “Most companies run database reports on everything from sales data to staffing requirements,” explains René. “It’s vital data, but many businesses find it difficult to present it in a way that’s useful and easy for everyone across the business to understand. That’s one area where EHV can definitely help.”

As we both talked to our customers, the conversations just kept naturally flowing from database performance issues to data reporting. Everyone wanted to get the most out of their data but weren’t sure how to go about it. Our customers were looking for a one-stop-shop and it quickly became obvious that we should partner.

How do you see your partnership developing in the future?

We’re looking at this as a joint venture to build new products and solutions that benefit customers of both EHV and SQLTreeo. However, that is for the future. Right now, we are focusing on how we combine our areas of expertise to provide our customers with the best of both worlds in data management.

EHV can help companies get the actionable insight they need from all the data they hold. That could be anything from efficiency grades in their production processes, to integrating sales, marketing and communications data. For example, many companies are investing heavily in digital marketing and need a scientific approach to data to prove their efforts are delivering a solid ROI.

In our experience, this requires a true 360⁰ data management service to ensure the insight is available and understood by all the team. To bring everyone – from the sales team to the finance director – on board, you need to visualize vast amounts of data on click through rates, engagement scores and sales. At the same time, you’ll only get your teams to fully utilize your CRM system if it’s running quickly, smoothly and efficiently – which is, of course, where SQLTreeo’s expertise is invaluable.

Thank you, Cas.

Could your business benefit from collaborating with SQLTreeo or EHV? Contact us to find out how we can help.

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