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There have been so many examples of selfless service in recent weeks. We’ve been in awe of the way everyone, from health care workers to delivery drivers, have responded to the COVID-19 crisis to ensure we all stay as safe and healthy as possible. One group the business community must not overlook is our database administrators and IT managers.

You have done an amazing job getting thousands of office workers set up with their home working technology. If you had been told a few weeks ago that you would be managing all your operations, sales, marketing, HR and contact center teams remotely, you would have been incredulous. But, you’ve done it and it is thanks to you that many organizations can keep going through such difficult times.

As remote-working database specialists ourselves, we know it hasn’t been easy. Now, as this situation looks to be continuing for several weeks or even months, we would like to support you as much as possible with our database monitoring tool and Virtual DBA services.  We’d also like to open up our database knowledge and expertise in whatever way you find most useful.

Get a free trial of our database monitoring tool

SQLTreeo’s comprehensive monitoring tool gives you and your DBAs complete peace of mind. It sends instant alerts of any errors or issues in your SQL environment by email, dashboard notification or text. There’s no need for your DBAs to be constantly monitoring the database because this tool does it for them: proactively 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When your home-based DBAs log-in, they’ll have a user-friendly visualization of your entire database environment consolidated onto one screen. They can even log-in with their mobile or tablet. The alerts are color-coded, red, green and amber, so they can prioritize their working day more effectively.  

You can find more details, including how to download your free 14-day trial here.

Talk to our expert Virtual DBAs

When you’re new to remote working, it can feel isolating and stressful. Many of your DBAs are probably over-worked, fielding questions and queries from other team members who are also working from home for the first time and experiencing technical issues. On top of that, they no longer have access to immediate help from their line manager or colleagues sitting around them in the office.

This is where our Virtual DBAs can be an invaluable source of support. We have experienced, knowledgeable database experts who will work with your team to solve any particularly difficult issues. There is no need for your DBAs to be sitting at home worrying about database problems with no-one to turn to; they can simply call or email us. We’ll respond quickly, normally within an hour, to start the dialogue that will solve your problem.

What other support do you need?

We’re planning to run some free Q&A sessions where we share our knowledge. These will give you the opportunity to ask us questions or raise issues you are experiencing with managing your database environment remotely. We’re still working on the details of exactly how and when we will do this.

It could take the form of a webinar or a virtual meeting using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. We’d like to make sure the sessions are as useful as possible for you. So, if you have any preferences on format or timings, please get in touch and let us know

We’ll be in touch again when we have all the details and we hope to (virtually) see you very soon. 


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