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“We were getting the same feedback from DBAs practically every day,” says Vincent Riebeek, SQLTreeo’s Operational Manager. They kept telling us: “we work with lots of objects within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and navigating the system is so time-consuming.”

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Vincent knew there must be a better way and set out to find a solution to our customers’ problem. The result is a unique extension to the Microsoft SSMS software that is already bringing multiple productivity benefits to DBA and developer teams.

“One SQL server can hold thousands of objects, such as tables, procedures and jobs,” explains Vincent. “Finding the correct object can really eat up your developers’ and DBAs’ time. We decided to develop some software that allows you to organize and group objects in certain folders.”

Organized, engaged and efficient teamwork

The customer feedback so far has been that this SSMS add-in radically speeds up the search process. But there have also been other benefits we hadn’t expected. “For a start,” says Vincent, “the DBAs and developers have all said how it makes their work more enjoyable; searching through thousands of objects was so frustrating.”

It may not sound all that significant but, if you’re working with SSMS daily, making lots of adjustments to procedures or reports, being able to navigate quickly to your destination is a huge relief and time saver. You can also customize the add-in, so you can group objects in a way that suits you best and still have a useful, at-a-glance overview of all your work.

“When we listened to our customers, they told us they wanted to be able group objects in two ways,” continues Vincent. “So, we built this into the tool. You can group into fully customized categories where the user decides exactly how they want to manage it, or you can group dynamically where, within a matter of seconds, you can group together all objects that meet certain criteria.”

Our customers have also seen improvements in the way project teams communicate. With this add-in, teams can work together on dynamic folders categorized by product, customer or team. And, they can import and export data across databases quickly and easily.

User feedback is extremely valuable

Our software development is often driven by users who request certain functionalities. One example of this is our ‘Compare’ feature. Developers can speed up deployment by adding this feature, which lets the user easily compare the differences between any object, such as a database or procedure, in the test and production environments.

Another efficiency gain is with reports and queries. “When a user has to check the properties of an object, such as how large is this table or how much data has been allocated or used, they would normally need to generate a report or query,” explains Vincent. “But, now with this software, you can see the most important object information, such as memory or disc space, at a glance.”

So there you have it. One incredibly simple way for you to save time, boost productivity, improve employee engagement and strengthen team working. The add-in only takes a minute or two to install and the user interface guides you through what it can do, how to do it and what results to expect.

You can find more information and get a 14-day free trial, here.

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