SQLTreeo Monitoring

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SQL Server Monitoring

The SQLTreeo monitoring agent is a software developed by SQLTreeo for SQL Server database administrators,developers and any other that make frequent use of SQL Server.

The software allows users to quickly gain insight in their environment, such as performance, status of key points, creating thresholds for automated monitoring.

The Agent which can be installed on any server will collect non-user metrics of the assigned SQL Servers and displays this information in a secure fashion in the user dashboard, the collecting of metrics is done in a way that avoids causing pressure on server resources or production.

Instant alerts

Get instant alerts of any errors or issues in your SQL environment by email, dashboard notification, phone and integrated applications.


Replication monitoring

Take control of your replication configuration. Our graphs and easy to understand symbols and colours show publisher, distributor, and subscriber connections, data transfer and potential issues.


Details Job and Backup history charts

Our history charts show detailed information at whatever level you need. The most important data is shown on your dashboard so you don’t need to check different screens. You can also click on the bar charts to drill down into more detail. You can even export historical data to create custom reports that identify trends and potential improvements.



We can produce SQL Server reports in all popular formats including HTML, PDF, XML, MHTML, Excel or Word. We can also provide export reports based on data gathered from your environment. These can improve capacity planning and historical and current issue and trend analysis.



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