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Deactivating a license is necessary in several scenarios:

- Activating a license on a different workstation.

- Resetting a license that is already activated.


It is recommended to always deactivate a license before activating it on another workstation to avoid invalid activation.

In some cases such as corruption or loss of machine the license can no longer be accessed, this issue can be solved in  the license overview panel.

Deactivating the SSMS Addin license

The SQLTreeo Add-in is always activated in the SQL Server Management Studio by navigating to tools and selecting SQLTreeo.
An license that is already activated can be deactivated by selecting the "Deactivate"  button in the SQLTreeo interface in SSMS.

After restarting the SSMS application the license is completely deactivated and can be activated on a different workstation.

Deactivating without access to the software

In some scenarios the software is no longer accessible for reasons such as disk corruption/hardware failure/loss of posession.

In these scenarios the software can not be deactivated by regular steps and also unable to activate it on a different workstation.

The solution for deactivating the license without access is as following:

- login to your dashboard on

- navigate to license history and select the +/- symbol in the Disable/Enable column.

- Disable the license(by default enabled) 

- Enable the license


The above steps reset the license key, after which it can be activated through the standard procedure again.





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