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Finding Unused Indexes

Situation Good index management is key to success. Having too many unused indexes around slows down your system. It is not difficult to find them or defining the criteria for dropping them. Here is how you retrieve them: -- Find Unused Index Script -- Original Author: Pinal Dave (C) 2011 SEL

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Finding Missing indexes

Situation SQL Server registers every missing index. Here is how you retrieve that information from the missing index DMV's select 'CREATE INDEX idx_DBO_'+REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(statement,'[',''),']',''),'.','_')+CONVERT(VARCHAR,t1.index_handle)+'E ON '+statement+'('+equality_columns+') '+ CASE W

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C# - Read emails from exchange online mailbox (Office 365) into SQL Server

Situation You have an Office 365 mailbox. You want to use C# to read those mails and save them to SQLServer. Requirements Office365 mailbox SQLServer Exchange WebServices C# (visual studio) Exchange WebServices Applies to: EWS Managed API | Exchange Online | Exchange Server 2013 | Office 3

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How to Extract last name or first name(s) from a combined field

Situation You have a field that contains a display name (combination of last name and first name): And you would like to have the result like this: Problem you don't know where the last name begins, but you do know that it is the last one in the field. Solution This is how you want t

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