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Database management: what’s in it for me?

Meet Lisa; she’s a marketing manager with an international travel company. She recently bought a new handbag online. She’d spotted her favorite brand, in the right color and at a price she could afford. Unfortunately, within a few days the bag broke. Disappointed – and prepared for a bi

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Four ways good database management can boost your business

Whatever industry you work in, you will almost certainly have come across a story about how data is transforming your sector. That might be helping to cure a disease or making a building more energy efficient. Perhaps more annoyingly, data is also responsible for those targeted ads you keep gett

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What’s the one thing you must do to win the trust of customers?

We’re all spending much more time in the digital world. Ecommerce continues to grow in popularity and we all benefit from the convenience of booking holidays and paying bills online. But, while convenient, those digital experiences can also cause major headaches. As consumers increasingly

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Five database management trends to embrace in 2019

In 2018, companies looked for ways to improve their database performance and security. Their aim was to keep up with ever-higher expectations of speed, privacy and returns on investment. Here are five top trends we think will drive business activity in 2019. 1. Security will continue to be

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