SSMS Addin

Effective organization of your SQL databases

SQLTreeo SSMS ADDIN for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
supports SSMS 2005 up to the latest SQLServer version

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Organize your work

Create structure in your environment with dynamic folders.

Dynamic folders allow you to work more efficient in a team.

It will truly improve the way of working, you'll enjoy it

Teams work together on the same dynamic folders.

No changes are made to your user databases.

Dynamic folders

Project teamwork

Folder information is visible to everyone using SQLTreeo SSMS ADDIN.

Ideal for any project team structure. Categorize per project, customer, team, ...

Communication is being improved when your work is structured

Project teamwork

Optimize your maintenance tasks

Maintenance jobs, Reporting jobs, user jobs.

By default All jobs are shown in one large list

you have to visually go through the list to "find" the job you need to work on

Separate maintenance tasks from user tasks from etl tasks and cleanup

You will never have any problems to find the right job


Compare objects

Compare your work with another environment/database.

A single click and you have a detailed comparization

Compare ANY object: Server, Database, Table, Procedure, View, Job, ...

Compare objects

Generate scripts

Get any object scripted by one mouse click. No more struggle finding the right efficient tool to script your Databases. SSMS ADDIN is able to script nearly any database object or folder.

Generate scripts

How big is your database

Immediately see the size of your Database. Detailed information on data and log size, used data and more.

taking away the extra step of querying this information.

Database properties

How many rows in your table?

Immediately see the size of your table. Detailed information on number of rows, used data and more.

taking away the extra step of querying this information.

Table properties

Easily export data

Extracting data is always a daunting task

Export the columns / rows that you want with a simple dialog

The output is a SQL Script that you can execute on any other database.

export table data

Pricing plans

Choose the one that suits your needs the most. You will have
the option to change it anytime.


  • Includes 1 License
  • Dynamic And Static Folders
  • Easily Export Data
  • Generate Scripts
  • Including All Future Updates
  • Support
per year*


  • Includes 5 Licenses
  • Standard License Features
  • +Shared Folders
  • +Compare Objects
  • Support
per year*


  • Includes 100 Licenses
  • Business License Features
  • +Priority Support
per year*

* Also available in Monthly plans. Use our Quote system to create your own flexible pricing plan.
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