SQLTreeo SSMS Add-In guide

months ago by Danny Riebeek

SQLTreeo Add-In

  plugin for SQL Server Management Studio  


Applies to SQLTreeo Add-In version 0.8.7 or higher.    


Informational guide on how to use the SQLTreeo Add-In.    


  SQLTreeo Add-in allows users to create customized folders in the object tree of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). The Add-in has multiple functionalities as listed below:
  • Create static folder
  • Create dynamic folder
  • Compare objects
  • Quick filter
  • Object information
  • Collapse all
  • Manage folders


  SQLTreeo Add-in comes in the following license forms and extensions:   SQLTreeo month license SQLTreeo year license SQLTreeo lifetime license SQLTreeo Compare module (seperate from above license forms) During the trial period the compare module is enabled.


SQL Server version/ Function 2008 2008R2 2012 2014 2016 2017 2018
Static folder x x x x x x x
Dynamic folder x x x
Compare x x x
Quick filter x x x
Object information x x x x x x x
Collapse/script/manage x x x x x x x

SQL Server Management Studio - Object tree

  SQLTreeo add-in is build in the various objects in which users can create customized tables/view object information/compare information. Listed below the Objects in which the different functionalities and features of the Add-in are applicable:
Object/Function Static folder Dynamic folder Compare Quick filter
Databases x x x X
Tables x x x X
Views x x x X
Stored procedures x x x x
Table-valued Functions x x x x
Scalar-valued Functions x x x X
Agent jobs x x x X
  The availability of above features depend on the SQL Server version used. Older versions of SQL Server do not support all features such as SQL Server Agent jobs/Dynamic folders.  

Quick filter

  The Quick Filter is a function that filters database objects such as tables based on the input value. The Quick filter is much alike the standard SSMS filter function.