How to Install SQLTreeo Monitoring Agent

months ago by Danny Riebeek
Installation instructions for SQLTreeo Monitoring




Information gateway between SQL Server and Cloud environment
1-Reads monitor meta data from the cloud ( 2-Connects to SQL Servers found in meta data and retrieve metrics. 3-Send metric data back to the cloud

1. Download the agent

  1. Go to and login
  2. Go to Configuration (via left panel menu)
  3. Click on Agents (left panel menu)
  4. Above screenshot shows where you can download the agent

2. Upgrade

  1. overwrite SQLTreeoAgent.exe with the version from the downloaded package.
  2. If the file is in use, stop the service via Windows Services and retry step 1.

3. Install a new environment

  1. Extract SQLTreeoAgent.exe and place it in a folder of your choice where you want to install it in.
  2. Double-click SQLTreeoAgent.exe and enter your Cloud login details and login.
  3. Choose your monitoring environment (you can have more than 1)
  4. Choose if you want to install it as a service or run as a console app.
  5. If you choose to run it as a console app the monitoring will start immediately with monitoring.

Required Actions after install / upgrade

If you have installed SQLTreeo Monitoring as a service (either before upgrade or as a new install) then you can start the service. If you choose to run it as a console app then the SQLTreeo Monitoring will start monitoring immediately until you close the command box or press any key. After that the monitoring stops until you start it again.