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SQLTreeo StatusPage



Last updated:04/29/2020


SQLTreeo Website will undergo maintenance.
No impact on availability.

Start time: 23:00 CET 
End time : 23:15 CET

SQLTreeo SSMS Addin


Last updated:04/29/2020



SQLTreeo SSMS Addin will undergo maintenance.
During maintenance SQLTreeo SSMS Addin will be temporarily unavailable.

Start time: 23:00 CET
End time: 23:15 CET

Duration: 15 minutes. 



[Bug report]

SQLTreeo SSMS Addin Search feature does not return the specified object when it is placed in subsequent folder of level 3 or higher.
Feature: "Click here to filter" 

The bug is approved and in process of planning.


The SSMS addin validation process is updated.

If license key validation is not possible error code 63 is generated when launching SSMS.

The addin is adjusted with a larger timeout threshold for validating the license key. 



[Bug report]

Static folders that are created in SSMS do not persist and disappear after refreshing SSMS object explorer,
reconnecting to a SQL Server instance, restarting SSMS.

This bug occurs if following conditions are true:
- SSMS Addin version 0.8.9 or higher.
-SQL Server Management Studio build 15.0.18040.0 or higher (SSMS 18.x)
-SQLTreeo storage option is set to TempDB or specified User-DB.

The bug is accepted and in progress of solving from 29-04-2020 
Status per 04/30/2020:

The issue has been found and is in progress. The Following storage options are being tested:
TempDB Storage
The userDB storage option is estimated on 30-04-2020  for testing.

Status per 04/30/2020:
Issue is solved, static folders now persist in all SSMS versions when using filestorage mode,tempdb mode,UserDB mode.

To apply the hotfix download the update(v. of SSMS Addin in the SQLTreeoDBAsuite.





Last updated:04/29/2020




Last updated:04/29/2020

[Bug report] (solved)

The healthcheck application does not send the report upon completion.
Due to a communication issue with the application the results could not be send.




Last updated:04/29/2020


Desired State Configurator

Last updated:04/29/2020



Last updated:04/29/2020


Virtual DBA

Last updated:04/29/2020



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