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Few things of value are ever accomplished by individuals working alone. The vast majority of our advancements — whether in business, science, arts, or sports — are the result of collaborative teamwork. Here At SQLTreeo, we believe the best way to maximize value for our customers is to get people with different expertise, experience and ideas working together.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce our new business partner – Denit. We’re convinced that this collaboration will bring significant benefits to all our customers. Here’s David Hut, Denit’s CTO, to tell us more.

Could you tell us a little about Denit?

Denit is an internet service provider based in Amsterdam. We’ve been around since 1999, so we’re looking forward to celebrating our twentieth anniversary very soon, on November 1st. While we started with pure infrastructure, we have transformed our business into a managed services provider, with over 50 team members supporting many different Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), who create or build apps or tools.  

Why did you choose to partner with SQLTreeo?

Our relationship with SQLTreeo goes back over 20 years when I worked with SQLTreeo’s founder Danny Riebeek. He was a DBA on the development team I was working on. We clicked; I think because we have a similar way of working, which is both practical and collaborative.

We’ve kept in touch over the years. When I was looking for a way for Denit to differentiate from our competitors, and to extend our service offering to ISVs, my first phone call was to Danny. I just felt SQLTreeo had the technical expertise and workplace culture to be our perfect partner; they were an obvious choice.

How will the Denit/SQLTreeo partnership benefit customers?

The one thing most development teams are short of is DBAs. That’s a major resource gap that can be hard to fill cost effectively. A DBA is an essential part of the team; they make you more efficient by monitoring database behavior, resolving bottlenecks and outages, as well as ensuring your database is secure and performing according to expectations.

But, you often don’t need a full time DBA. You maybe only need someone for a few hours a week or a few weeks a year. To close that resource gap for our customers, we contacted our old friends at SQLTreeo.

Together we have created a Virtual DBA (VDBA) service that combines SQL monitoring with the option to add module based services. This provides essential support to development teams. Even if they already have a DBA, there are likely to be times when they need extra resource, to cover holidays for example, or some specific SQL expertise, training or support.  

“Our customers are already seeing the benefits.”

Our partnership with SQLTreeo is already helping Denit’s customers build better and faster products. There are almost always indicators of potential problems with your database environment, but you have to know what you’re looking for. The goal is to identify issues early, before they become a problem for the customer. Even in existing production environments, A VDBA can ensure a more stable application.

For example, we run the infrastructure for a digital cash registers software provider. This is heavily database dependent, as every retail transaction is translated into a digital record stored in a database. If that database starts to misbehave or is just slow running, retailers and customers are left feeling frustrated and inconvenienced.

SQLTreeo’s software monitors the database environment and detects any problems at an early stage. It’s a form of proactive quality control. And, it enables our ISVs to give a more reliable service to their customers.

How do you see the Denit/SQLTreeo partnership developing?

We have some exciting plans. Our partnership has already allowed us to develop bespoke solutions in response to customers’ needs. For example, one of our customers had an issue with some software their retailers rely on. When we investigated, we found the problem was with the database rather than the software.

Put simply, the database was grinding to a halt whenever they ran reports. We contacted SQLTreeo and together we built a solution for that customer that allowed them to run reports outside of the production infrastructure. That’s the best thing about working with SQLTreeo; they have the expertise to tackle complex problems for our customers.

They are database specialists. And, in our rapidly changing business world, it’s difficult to keep up if you’re not a specialist. Our customers need access to senior level DBAs without the expense and risk of employing someone. That’s exactly what this partnership provides and we intend to continue collaborating with SQLTreeo to develop combined solutions to help all our customers.

Thank you, David. And congratulations on Denit’s twentieth anniversary.

Could your business benefit from collaborating with SQLTreeo or Denit? Contact us for advice on how we can help.

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