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Providing an improved overview  of available products, easily adding new modules or upgrading existing modules with minimal effort.

The SQLTreeoDBASuite allows new and existing users to quickly access and manage their modules by having everything in 1 place.


Accessing the DBASuite

The DBASuite can be downloaded by downloading the free trial version of any product or purchasing a product.

After the download/purchase a download link will be sent to the entered email-address from which the DBASuite can be downloaded.

The entered email address is also your username, after you followed the instructions in the e-mail you can log-in the DBASuite



Several actions are possible in the modules:

- Download ( will start downloading the module files ) 

- Information ( will redirect you to the module summary )

- Delete ( will remove an installed module )

- Upgrade ( upgrades In case there is a new version available of a downloaded module )







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